“Strong” oracle card by Jen Berlingo.

Last night, my friend had me pull a card from her oracle set. I had just been pondering my own strength and my ability to pull off an upcoming art show, while running my business, staying on top of school work and keeping plans for the month.

I’ve also been considering it in a much larger context as of late. I can’t help but appreciate everyone I see as I pass through life these days… What I’ve realized is that everyone has a unique inherent strength about them, a quality that deserves the utmost respect. And yes- we are all deserving of said respect.

We’ve all come into physical reality to expand our being, the one that is eternal. From where I am standing in my physical body, I understand this as an agreement to forget who we are, to forget ALL that we are, and to come into life to discover possibility and enjoy the offerings of a physical world.

I can’t imagine agreeing to waking up in a place I don’t know with amnesia, even though it is what we all do. When you consider this deeply, and acknowledge that we’ve all arrived in this manner, you begin to sense the sameness of humans who may all appear different.

A baby is new from source, new into the world. A baby will be considered weak in regard to their physical ability and immune system. However, a baby is strong in what they haven’t learned. Some of our greatest weaknesses are learned- they are our conditioned responses to worry, have inhibitions, fear & doubt.

There is a strength in the homeless people I see asking for money. There’s surrender in that, which we are taught is weak. In turn it ends up taking a lot of inner strength to go out and ask for help.

Strength is overwhelmingly everywhere. This morning I wanted to share this card that will remind me of my strength and of the absolute power as an eternal being. I want to remind you all the same. You are inherently strong as anyone else. You deserve as much respect as anyone else. You are as loved as anyone else. Your eternal self admires you in everything you do as a physical being. Please remember that you are always strong in the core of your being and live life from that knowing. You are stronger than you may know.

Lots of Love…


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