I Vlogged for 80 Days Straight

Leave the Vulture Behind

Discursive Reason’s a vulture, my poor friend:
Its wings beat above a decaying corpse.
The Saint’s Reason is  like the wings of Gabriel:
It soars in splendor, from stage to stage,
To rest in the shade of the Tree of Heaven.
It says, “I’m a royal hawk, I’m glorious and abundant, I’ve nothing to do with a corpse, I’m not a vulture—
Leave the vulture behind and let me be your guide.
Just one of my wings will be of more help to you
Than a hundred thousand vultures in full flight.”
This is the passage I opened to at random yesterday when my friend handed me her book “Teachings of Rumi.” Early yesterday morning, I decided to log out of Facebook and deactivate my account indefinitely. “Did something happen?” “Are you okay?” are some of the questions I have gotten from friends who noticed I was gone.  The answers are “No” and “Yes”.
With recent assessment of value for how and where I spend my time, it became undeniably clear that I had again fallen victim to the time leach of Facebook.  As I read the Rumi passage, I was attempting to upload what would have been Day 81 in a row of my vlog to YouTube. I am currently staying in the mountains of Massachusetts with slow WiFi and spotty cell phone coverage… the video never successfully uploaded. Despite beginning to lose interest in the vlog and feeling at odds with no real direction for it – I explained in episode 81 my reasoning for leaving Facebook and stated that I would continue my vlog. Though, this passage struck me with unexpected relevance. “Discursive” is the perfect adjective to describe my vlog content and the very reason I was beginning to wonder why I was continuing to do it in the first place. I was hoping that at some point I would find direction for it. After 80 days, I was continuing to hop from one topic to another, developing no continuity. The only thread of consistency was the actual practice of shooting, editing and uploading a video each day. Upon rising this morning, I saw that my video had failed to complete uploading overnight.  The words of this poem nagged along with a bizarre dream I had about escaping enslavement. Giving the upload one more try, I was teetering. “Perhaps this is a sign.” “Maybe I’m over this daily vlog project.” Again, it failed and even failed when my friend and I went into town where the 4G works well. There I had it. The loss of excitement combined with a realization that my time is more valuable than social media and aimless video creation marked the end of an 80 day stretch of non-stop vlogging.
I’ll go ahead and pat myself on the back for doing something 80 days in a row.
I did everything from travel/tourism and adventure to cooking, exercise, dance and comedy. The vlog is certainly a reflection of my crazy nomad life, but I desire to create a more focused stream of published content will add more value for my viewers.
If you are interested in seeing what I was up to from Easter Monday until two days ago, check out my YouTube channel at youtube.com/gogetblissed. Go ahead and subscribe- I haven’t quit vlogging! There will be more, but I’ll be going for quality rather than quantity…
Until soon.
Much love

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