Progression of the Attention Economy

This is about the progression of things. WE- the leaders of our own lives and everyday people- are becoming the major “brand representatives.” This change in progress is being driven by advances in technology, by the unveiling of deception, the crumbling of broken systems, and by the decline in biological well being on a global scale. In light of this, we must consider what kinds of companies, products, materials, and processes we want to be using, supporting, and therefore – representing. We are deepening our consideration for the kinds of things we want to create for the rest of the world. This is what is being referred to as the “attention economy.” What things are you bringing to light in the world? What sorts of things do you WANT to bring to light in the world?

To other people whose interests lie elsewhere, you represent a skill set and wealth of knowledge that holds value for them. What kinds of things are useful to you in your day to day life? What kind of community do you want to surround yourself with? What kind of natural world do you want to surround yourself with? Indulge in the potential of your most genuine, heartfelt answers to these questions. It is the best thing for you and for the world. Together, we can create a renovated society where more and more people rise to meet their highest potential. We can support one another along the way with a ‘do no harm’ mentality.

Acknowledge your power of influence on the world around you – you are so much more powerful that just a ballot. We’re all in this together. From where I am standing, it looks like this is the direction we are heading- in a gradual yet steady transition.  Though, a network is being built that is tailored to this attention economy concept and it is tailored to be a catalyst for this transition- it’s called Synereo.  I have been watching the structure of Synereo’s network form for over a year. Last spring, I backed Synereo’s crowdsale with a cryptocurrency known as AMPs and must say that I am impressed with the front end design that was just released. The backend concept is that the network is completely decentralized- owned by only you.

iYQxdAE - Imgur

Learn more at:


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